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Guild Rules
Guild Expectations
Vindictive strives to maintain a positive and enjoyable guild atmosphere, while also being the progression guild. This guild consist of mature adults who enjoy humour and could use a laughter once in a while, but direct harassing and humiliating of members is just weak and would not be tolerated.
Contribute to the Vindictive community. Team building is the crucial part of raiding. It takes time for us to know you and understand your concerns and suggestions better; therefore seeing you outside raid would be nice sometimes. Participate in the guild forums – keep in touch with what’s happening/is going to happen soon.
Carrying Vindictive name above your character’s head is tied up closely to the reputation of the guild itself. Trolling trade or assaulting others guilds by comparing it with Vindictive hurts both reputation and credibility of Vindictive and would not be tolerated.
All members have access to certain items from the guild bank. These can and should be accessed when needed. If you are making use of items from the Vindictive bank, you should also be contributing the comparable/same items, unless specified otherwise directly by the raid leader (we provide repair money and consumables, depending on the guild bank state at the moment).

Raid Schedule
We are a Late Night Progression Raiding Guild raiding Tuesday-Wednesday 10:50pm-2:30am server time.
Applicants and raiders are expected to be available for all raid nights for the whole raid duration.
It is not acceptable to leave a raid early. If you can't stay for the entire duration, ask to be replaced for the event.
Be sure to sign-up/confirm your spot on the in-game calendar, and then BE READY for an invite approximately 5-10 minutes before the start of raid. Being ready means you have researched the expected encounters and that your toon is online, out of any groups with plenty of class specific consumables (flasks/pots) in the bags.

Raid Content
Absolutely do not get saved to the progression content before the raid, ask raid leader whether you can get locked to the heroic content of the previous tier or farm content of the current tier.

Raid Preparations
Required mods for raiding are: Deadly Boss Mods, and Ventrilo with a working HEADSET and microphone. You are not allowed to silence you DBM notifications and turn off the default set of notifications, because it has tendency to screw with raid features provided by the addon.
If you are using bartender and/or Dominos and/or any similar addon that affects your buttons in any way, it’s your responsibility to make sure that it’ll work fine with the raid encounters (extra button, vehicle buttons).

Raid members are expected to optimize their raid performance. This means details such as:
1. best quality enchants / gems
2. appropriate buff food, flasks/elixirs, pots
3. repaired gear and enough gold for additional repairs during the raid
4. additional consumables that are required by the guild’s encounter’s strategy (speed increase potions for example)

Raid Expectations
Be courteous during raids. At no time will disrespectful comments, badgering, complaining, or negative behavior be tolerated during raids. If you can't keep your composure while raiding, even in the face of setbacks, you shouldn't be raiding with Vindictive.

Be focused during raids. Each player is expected to perform at the best of their abilities and reduce factors that may subvert optimal performance. You should not be raiding if you are watching TV, playing another game/character at the same time, talking on the phone, or otherwise not giving your focus to the raid. If you are not able to give your best for a given raid/encounter please inform the raid leader and a substitution will be arranged if possible.

Be timely during raids. To maximize our limited raiding time, the raid leader will schedule breaks for specific times during the raid period. Save your bio/food/smoke/etc. for these scheduled breaks and do not randomly afk. When breaks are announced and a countdown timer given, be sure to return before the time expires or risk losing your raid position. A chain reaction of delays is started when someone is not ready at the (re-)start time or when people say “brb.” Please be respectful of the other 9 people in raid.

It is generally acceptable to purchase/gem/enchant/reforge/etc. during break only as long as you are back in position with the rest of the raid group by the end of the break period (not calling for summons, in flight, etc.).

Except during breaks or other obvious down times, everyone but raid leaders should:
keep vent clear and/or keep vent comments quick and to the point
do not distract from the raid focus: minimize gratuitous movement, pets, toys, etc.
do NOT post meters (damage/healing/etc) in /raid/party/guild unless specifically asked by a Raid Leader

Encounter Preparation
Be knowledgeable about raid content. Each raid member is responsible for knowing the encounters on the schedule each night. Raid leaders are responsible for detailing specific strategies to be used, but each raid member needs to already be familiar with the basic characteristics of fights. Start by reviewing content descriptions on TankSpot, FatBoss, Wowhead, Dungeon Journal etc. Haven't personally seen the fights? No problem. Haven't read and watched the videos? That’s a problem.

Loot Expectations
For current loot system please take a look at : Suicide Kings

Make sure you study the loot tables and decide what loot you need in advance. We don’t have time to sit around pondering which item is better for you.

Once loot is awarded, that item is to stay with/on the winning toon. Selling/gifting loot to others (guildies, non-guildies, AH, etc.) is not tolerated.

No outbursts about loot will be tolerated during raids. Loot issues are important and all members should feel welcome to speak up, but issues must be dealt with outside of raids through discussions with guild officers and/or forum posts.

Guild Bank
Generally, items available in the 'open' tabs of the guild bank are free for guild members to use on/for/by guild toons only (alts okay). Use and contribute back!

Epic BoEs/patterns are generally AH'ed to provide additional funds for raid reapirs and feasts/flasks/etc. However, there may be certain pieces that either don't sell, or that we'd prefer to see used by a guild toon. Generally if it’s an ilvl upgrade it’s given to the raid member.

Raid crafting mats/drops (Primordial Saronites, Crusader Orbs, Blood Spirits etc.) will be used either for crafting gear for your raiding character or for replenishing guild bank resources. If you are requesting materials to craft an upgrade, you must do so after the raids (Wednesday 2:30am-Tuesday 10:00pm) and show crafted piece equipped before the raid (10:50pm).

Provide constructive feedback. We are a team, and part of our goal is to improve the caliber of our team. ALL individuals in the guild should take responsibility for helping to improve our team.
During raids, feedback should be provided when significant and correctable issues are noted or when feedback is explicitly solicited. In these cases, it should be given between pulls in the form of whispers to raid leaders or participation in discussions initiated by raid leaders. Save minor items or strategy proposals for breaks or outside of raid time. Raid leaders can easily become overwhelmed by whispers and competing suggestions.
Outside of raids, constructive, respectfully delivered feedback on anything is welcome. It should be provided by engaging in discussions in the guild forums, private discussions with raid leaders and officers, and/or mature discussions between those knowledgeable about particular raid roles.
What is Eraelin's favorite animal? : Panda

Vindictive establishes these rules in order to provide a consistent and documented experience for all of our members. However, in order to keep pace with the changing needs of the guild and the game, these rules are subject to change and/or (re)interpretation by current guild leadership at any time.