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Heroic garrosh kill
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Where I've been

Hey guys. On Friday (August 9th) my laptop completely died on me. I have had no way to get in contact with anyone. I am currently using a family members laptop to type this :x. I'm glad to see that you guys have found a hunter to replace me. Hones...
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Splosive4365Small Eraelin 4y
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Jorrd2291Small Eraelin 4y
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World of Warcraft Macros

Check it out! :3A friend of mine recently has taken the time to put together a website full of macros that work with both 5.3 and 5.4. If you need help making a macro, and you can't find it on this website, let me know and I can speak with the own...
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Eraelin3301Small Eraelin 4y
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A computer amorenn put together

Fx 6300 - 6 coreMSI board that doesn't suck600w meh thermaltakezalman z9 casestealing a hard drive from the AIOGTX 650Total price after tax ~400 fx6300 MSI 160
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Amorenn2271Member avatar small Davisaar 5y
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Why Brave should go to Prot Pally and why we should dual pally tank. Blizz doesn't nerf the bejesus out of our stats and bonuses, prot pally is on course to be retardedly OP once we get ...
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What a boss. WTB this tank
Small Splosive 5y
Splosive3128Small Eraelin 5y
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Might ruin your Childhood.
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White People vs Black People and I were fairly bored today. >:)
Small Eraelin 5y
Eraelin1146Small Eraelin 5y
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Songs from 90's

Wanted to share some of awesomeness that I've had a chance to experience in good old 90's. This's a 1993 video clip or "Ramamba Harumambaru" song made by Nogu Svelo band. The song is sang neither in English, nor in Russian or any other real langu...
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Borisbalde168Small Borisbalde 5y
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11th March Fix

Info is hereThe next day after we down Horridon, they release the Hotfix=\
Small Borisbalde 5y
Borisbalde182Small Borisbalde 5y
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Soooooo... Ive got these pictures of this hawt chick....

Its Eraelin :D who thinks i should post them? :D
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I dont have pictures I has video news ftw.
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